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Fragments from the future: my quarantine stories

During this lockdown, I am struggling, like many other people, with negative feelings resulting from the frightening situation we are all going through. The crisis has disrupted our social life, or at least the way we use to know it, and forced us to keep at distance the people we love. In tough moments, I have learned to turn negative into creative motion and find comfort in digging into memories.

Fragments from my recent and remote past have come to the rescue. They reassure me in the present times and give me hope for the future.

Fragments of people that at the moment are gone from my sight but not from my heart.

I started taking pictures to revive those memories and, in the absence of my people, I used little puppets.

It makes me smile to look at the pics of me and my mum ir our garden in Naples picking flowers to decorate the house, visiting a museum with my partner, walking in the nature with family, having fun with friends….

What you see is what I miss and what gives me joy.

And you, what do you miss during these strange days?


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